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Volleyball (5-8)

Girls volleyball is open to any girl enrolled at St. George in grades 5th-8th.  All teams will play in the CSAA League, playing games at various Catholic Schools during the week and some weekends.  Practices for all teams are at the discretion of the coach and based on the availability of the St. George gym.

Girls in grades 6th-8th will be offered the opportunity to tryout and earn a position on a CSAA Division 1 Volleyball team to play on a competitive level. These teams will play approximately 20-25 games March-May, including tournaments. Any girl  in 6th-8th grade not selected for the Division 1 school team, will  be given the opportunity to play CSAA volleyball in a slightly less competitive environment on a Division 2 Team.  Multiple Div 2 teams per grade level may be formed based on the number of girls wanting to participate. These players work just as hard to compete and win as a team. These teams generally will play 15-20 games March-May, including tournaments.

Girls Volleyball Rules

Girls in 5th grade will be placed on teams evenly formed based on talent and will play in the CSAA Developmental league from March-May. The number of teams will depend on the number of girls participating each year.