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St. George Catholic School Parent and Student Handbook

The St. George Catholic School Parent and Student Handbook is a statement of the mission, philosophy, policies and regulations that provide guidance and structure to our school community.  Parents who seek admission of their children to St. George Catholic School enter into a partnership, which includes a contractual agreement, with the school.  Both parent and child thereby agree to accept the philosophy and rules of the school as stated in this handbook and in other communications from the school, all of which are in conformity with Diocesan policy.  Failure to abide by the regulations and policies of the school handbook by either the student or his /her parent/guardian may result in the student’s removal from the school.  In all circumstances, the information contained in this handbook will take precedence over any other form of communication.  As part of the contractual agreement, there are explicit (expressed) and implicit (implied) expectations placed on the parents, students, administration, faculty and staff.

The principal reserves the right to amend the handbook and to change policies with proper notification of those affected.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Child Protection Certification

Volunteer and Employee Certification

Carpool Map and Instructions

Carpool Map and Instructions

*FIRST TIME USER?  Don't forget, select the 1st time user tab when logging in to receive your password.

School Code:  SGCS-LA

Note:  You must use your e-mail address that is registered with the School.  If you do not know what that e-mail address is, please contact support help or call the School office during office hours.

For support help, please e-mail:

In your e-mail, include:
Your child's name
Your name
E-mail address(es) to add/change or correct in our renweb database.

Student Forms and Policies

Student Forms and Policies

School Supply Lists (Grades 2 - 8)

School Supply Lists (2nd - 8th)

2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade 
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

 PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade parents will pay a supply fee in lieu of ordering school supplies.

Bus Route Finder for Parents - East Baton Rouge Parish Transportation

Parents may access the Bus Route Finder for Parents website to find out if an address is within the boundaries of St. George Catholic School. 

Student Absence Report Form

Student Absence Report Form / Doctor Note Submission
  • 1. Please complete the below form to report student's absence OR

    2. Upload all doctor's notes (return to school after illness or injury) HERE

    3. E-mail ALL classroom teachers to request homework.    
        Please find the Faculty Directory in the FACTS Parent Portal.
        District Code: SGCS-LA
        App: School -> Directory -> School
        Online Parent Portal: School -> Directory -> Staff
        Please note:

    * This contact should take place before 8:30am.
    * Absences due to illness and emergencies will be considered excused once a parent has submitted an absence form and doctor excuse, when applicable, on the website. 
    * Notifications received more than 3 days after an absence will not be accepted. Absences due to vacation and non-school related activities will not be excused. 
    * Students who are absent for all or part of a school day, due to illness, may not participate in extracurricular activities occurring on that day without the approval of the administration. 
    * Students who have an unexcused absence may not participate in extracurricular activities occurring on that day. 
    * A student who is absent for three consecutive days due to illness must submit a doctor’s note after the third absence and prior to returning to school.   

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