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Performing arts in education provides students with the opportunity to engage the mind, the body, and emotions in creative communication and collaborative expression. The goal of the St. George Catholic School Performing Arts Department is to provide innovative and quality extra-curricular opportunities that will allow students to study, explore, and develop their God-given talents. In addition to instructing the technical aspects of the art, our dedicated teachers will encourage self-expression, knowledge, and critical reflection with an appreciation for the creative process. St. George students involved in the performing arts programs will gain a stronger sense of individualism, self-esteem and confidence. They will develop leadership, communication and team-work skills, and may have the benefit of better grades and test scores. Extra-curricular opportunities available to St George students in grades 4 through 8 include Band, Choir, Piano, Guitar, and Musical Theatre.  All students in grades K thru 8 may audition for the annual Talent Show.
For additional information regarding Performing Arts, contact Mrs. Jan Dupre, SGS Director of Performing Arts, (225) 293-1298.