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St. George Annual Fund


St. George Annual Fund is the best way possible for current and former parents, grandparents, alumni, friends, parishioners and supporters within the local business community to help make a financial difference in the future of St. George School. These donations are 100% tax-deductible. The goal of the Annual Fund will allow St. George School to continue to provide a tradition of excellence in the classroom and community. Unrestricted Annual Fund gifts support every aspect of St. George School, including classroom resources, technology, performing arts, campus improvements, and athletics.

Catholic education is a fundamental mission of the Church; St. George School is an extremely important mission of St. George Parish. The Annual Fund is an investment opportunity for those within and outside the Parish community to invest in Catholic education, the future of our Catholic school, and our Catholic youth. 

Note:  Special tuition rates are applied to registered members of St. George Parish who are identified Financial Stewards. Identified Financial Steward is defined by St. George as a family that makes a minimum donation to St. George Church (offertory collection) of $75 per quarter, totaling no less than $300 per year. A donation to St. George School is not added towards your IFS.

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