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The Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Schools Office administers the Blessed Margaret of Castillo REACH Program. Through this program, St. George Catholic School offers Dyslexia and Instructional Support Services for small groups of 2-3 students for approximately 120 minutes a week. 

The lab program aims to support students with a diagnosis of dyslexia and students who are in need of Instructional Support Services (ISS.) typical of those who would receive 504 accommodations in the public setting.

Lab services are designed to meet students where they are by first identifying deficits through diagnostic assessment and then by using strategies appropriate to the students as individuals (to include learning style) rather than a program that we “plug” students into. The intervention program is driven by Orton Gillingham that supports a multi-sensory approach. Phonics and reading fluency is explicitly taught to each student, and each student works at his own pace. 

Learning styles are considered, but the services are generally multi-sensory as part of a best-practice model in addition to having qualified and caring staff and ongoing collaboration with classroom teachers.

Initial and periodic goal meetings are conducted where assessment data is interpreted and progress data is reviewed.

Find more details and the application for lab services HERE.