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A Day in the Life of a St. George Student

     As a former student of St. George who has attended since kindergarten, I can honestly say from experience that each day at St. George School is uniquely educational, engaging, and exciting.  Over the course of nine years that I have spent there, St. George has helped me to grow in my Catholic faith, to cultivate strong friendships, and to excel academically. 
     Beginning in kindergarten, I learned what it means to be a true Catholic with the guidance of my middle school “big buddy” at weekly masses.  My faith continued to grow over the years with the help of my teachers who have been strong role models that showed me through their actions how to live out my faith.  I am thankful every day that I was given the opportunity to attend a school where I could pray with my peers, learn about my faith in religion classes, and attend weekly masses with the entire student body.  Spiritual growth is one important aspect of St. George that makes the school feel like a family.
     Another important aspect of St. George is the opportunity to cultivate friendships.  St. George teaches that faith and friendship go hand in hand.  From the very beginning at St. George, I was taught to always be kind and include others.  I have made some lifelong friends at St. George, especially throughout my years in middle school.  The wide variety of classes and diverse extracurricular activities offered by St. George has afforded me the ability to expand both my interests and group of friends.  
     It is evident that St. George strives for academic excellence while providing a safe learning environment.  The teachers work hard to create a challenging curriculum that motivates students to do their best.  On a daily basis, students are engaged while learning through group projects, hands-on learning experiences, online platforms, field trips, and many other creative venues.    
     I can truly say that St. George has made me a more well-rounded person spiritually, socially, and academically.  The teachers, faculty, and staff have helped to nurture my confidence, and they have given me the ability to succeed in all of my future endeavors.  I feel truly blessed to have been a part of the St. George school community for the nine years that I attended.

Madelyn (Maddie) Wilson
St. George School Class of 2020
St. George School 8th Grade Student of the Year
Diocesan 8th Grade Student of the Year
Louisiana Students of the Year Program Finalist


     Being a student who has grown up at St. George School since kindergarten, I learn every day how to be a better person and a better Christian.  Our teachers make learning so much fun. A day in the life of a St. George student includes working hard and doing our very best. There are so many sports to choose from and there are always fun activities to be involved in or clubs to join. One of my favorite things is being together on Friday mornings when the entire school goes to Mass.  Our priests help us understand how much God loves us and what He has done for us. My parents always pray for my brothers and me to be surrounded by people who point us towards God, and St. George is the perfect place for those prayers to be answered.

Owen Connison
7th Grade Student


     I have been a student here since kindergarten.  I am going to tell you some of the best things about being an active student in the school! You may think that St. George focuses on academics alone, but there are plenty of fun activities to participate in every year.  One of my favorites is the big buddy/little buddy program. All middle school students are assigned a buddy in a lower grade.  We sit next to them in school mass to teach them how to be responsible and respectful in church.  Outside of school mass, we get to join them in their classrooms to make crafts or to celebrate holidays! Most importantly, you make a friend that you always remember.  I still keep in touch with my big buddy!  
     Another fun activity for all grades at SGS is Spirit Day. Spirit day is like a field day, where you compete in teamwork activities and hang out with friends. Spirit day is all about school spirit so each grade level chooses a theme.  We get to dress up in fun costumes and have a blast all day.  It is one of the best days of the school year.  At the end of the day, the grade level with the most spirit wins!  
     While there are many great activities that include all ages, some of the best ones are available only for middle school students.  We get to sign up for clubs and are able to choose activity classes as a part of our daily schedule.  This past year, I participated in Dragon Vision (the school webcast), computer, and Geography classes.  Through these activity classes, you design projects and learn about topics and skills related to the class. As far as clubs, last year I joined STEAM club and FAAM (future astrophysicists of America) club. These clubs met during recess or break time, and they were some of the best experiences I’ve had at school so far.  I also ran for 6A class representative on student council. I wasn’t elected by my peers but I still had fun creating a poster and a campaign.  Being a student at St. George School is awesome and being able to receive a Catholic education is an honor.  Along with the learning, great academics, and receiving a wonderful faith foundation at SGS, there is a lot of fun to be had as a student!  I am proud to be an SGS dragon!

Molly Kate Skupien
7th Grade Student
St. George School 5th Grade Student of the Year
Diocesan 5th Grade Student of the Year 2019