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Counselor’s Corner

Mission and Goals

The Guidance Program at St. George assists in the development of the whole child, supporting their emotional, social, spiritual, physical and academic growth through an environment of understanding and acceptance.  The program strives to promote a positive atmosphere throughout the school based on trust and respect for self and others.  It seeks to foster a positive self-image through the realization of the student’s uniqueness and worth as an individual.  The program is designed to be educational and preventative.  It promotes skill development in the areas of problem solving, decision-making, effective communication, peer pressure, accepting responsibility, diversity and empathy among others. 

Guidance Services

-Classroom Guidance Instruction

-Individual Counseling

-Small Group Counseling

-Parent Consultation and Support


-New Student Support

-Individual Needs Committee

-Crisis Response

-Bully Prevention

-Academic and Emotional Resources

-Duke TIP Program for 4th and 7th grade

Resource links on internet safety and discipline:

*If you have academic or emotional concerns, and are in need of resources, please contact the Guidance Counselor for a list of psychologists and counselors.  When evaluation is required to assess special needs, the guidance counselor coordinates communication between the school and outside agencies.  Parents should forward all evaluation forms to be completed by the school to the guidance counselor who will distribute them to the teachers.  After these forms have been completed, the guidance counselor will forward them to the outside agency.  The school requests that a copy of the final evaluation be sent to the guidance office.  In order to keep a student’s diagnosis and accommodations current, evaluations are required to be updated every three years. The guidance counselor keeps all records confidential. 

Gabrielle Marino, M.S., PLPC
4th - 8th Grade Counselor 

Contact Information:
(225) 293-1298

Janie Hooper, LMSW
PreK - 3rd Grade Counselor 

Contact Information:
(225) 293-1298