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School Advisory & Finance Council

St. George School Advisory Council


The role of the School Advisory Council (SAC) is to promote the school mission and the goals of the Education Commission. With prayer as the foundation, the SAC encourages a spirit of cooperation through its commitment to students, parents, faculty, and staff and by facilitating communications between these groups. The SAC also works to discern needs within the school community, and makes recommendations to the administration.

    St. George School Advisory Council for 2023-2024:


    Fr Paul Yi, Pastor                                                               Jessica Schexnayder, Home and School Representative

    Angele Fontenot, Principal.                                             Thomas and Ashley Freel, Grades K-2 Representative

    Jennifer Parker, Assistant Principal                                Sarah and Patrick Tavernit, Grades 3-5 Representative

    Julie Van Veckhoven, Assistant Principal                        Amanda and Ryan Stinson, Grades 6-8 Representative

    Courtney Alonzo, Faculty Representative                      Ashley Fabre, Development Director

    Matt Noel, Athletic Association Representative            Paul Wiggins, Facilitator

    Matt Hamner, Men's Club Representative

St. George Finance Council


The Finance Council reviews the financial report quarterly in consultation with administration concerning finance. The council reports to parents annually. Members are appointed by the pastor and the principal.

St. George Finance Council 2023-2024


Fr. Paul Yi, Pastor                                                               Natalee Menge

Angele Fontenot, Principal                                                Valarie Miller

Angelique Manne                                                               Greg Rockenbaugh

                                                                                             Katie Ruiz