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Student Absence Reporting / Doctor Note Submission

Student Absence Report Form / Doctor Note Submission
  • 1. Please complete the below form to report student's absence OR

    2. Upload all doctor's notes (return to school after illness or injury) HERE

    3. E-mail ALL classroom teachers to request homework.    
        Please find the Faculty Directory in the FACTS Parent Portal.
        District Code: SGCS-LA
        App: School -> Directory -> School
        Online Parent Portal: School -> Directory -> Staff
        Please note:

    * This contact should take place before 8:30am.
    * Absences due to illness and emergencies will be considered excused once a parent has submitted an absence form and doctor excuse, when applicable, on the website. 
    * Notifications received more than 3 days after an absence will not be accepted. Absences due to vacation and non-school related activities will not be excused. 
    * Students who are absent for all or part of a school day, due to illness, may not participate in extracurricular activities occurring on that day without the approval of the administration. 
    * Students who have an unexcused absence may not participate in extracurricular activities occurring on that day. 
    * A student who is absent for three consecutive days due to illness must submit a doctor’s note after the third absence and prior to returning to school.