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Welcome to St. George Catholic School!

As Principal of St. George, I am honored and blessed to serve the St. George school and parish community.  As the largest ministry of the parish, St. George School is rooted in faith, traditions and academic excellence.  What better symbol of this than the big oak trees that fill our campus. The roots of these majestic oak trees represent the strong history and traditions that St. George School was built on.  This foundation began in 1960 by the Sisters of St. Joseph and continues to guide our mission today. The solid trunk is symbolic of the strong academic program we provide for students from Pre-K to 8th grade.  The branches remind us daily how we are each called to spread God's word through our service and actions to one another and the abundance of evergreen leaves represents the individual gifts of each member of the school community.

Just like the majestic oak tree, a community is built from the ground up.  Each part of the tree not only supports the others but also needs the other in order for it to grow and thrive. That is how our school community works.  St. George is a community of parents, teachers and students who work together and support each other, so as a whole, we grow and stand strong in our faith, traditions, and academics.  

I invite you to visit our campus and see how the symbol of the oak tree is lived out every day at St. George. 

Mrs. Fontenot    




Mrs. Angele Fontenot, M. Ed.