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Accelerated Reader Program

The Accelerated Reader program provides students in all grades with an opportunity to practice reading skills and thus increase reading speed and comprehension rates. Each nine weeks students are expected to earn the number of points indicated below for each grade level by reading books and taking computerized tests on the books read. These points have been determined by recommendation from Renaissance Leaning, the developer of the Accelerated Reader program.

Students in grades two through eight will receive a grade in reading based on the percentage of points earned during each nine weeks period. The grade will be recorded as at least one major test grade for the nine weeks period. Kindergarten and 1st grade students will not receive a grade for AR participation. Point values listed for Kindergarten and 1st are recommended.

AR Points for Each Nine Weeks Period (AR Goals):

Below are the point values for each grade level which would normally count for a grade and a school wide reward.  This year, however, AR will not be for a grade and there will not be a school wide reward at the end of each quarter.  Teachers may decide to do a classroom-based reward.

Students having a significant discrepancy between their grade level and independent reading level may be assigned a modified number of points required for each nine weeks. This may be reflected as a modified grade on the student’s report card.

Recognition will be given to students each nine-week period based on the number of points accumulated with an 80% rate of comprehension. Tests not meeting the 80% comprehension rate may be retaken one time. Tests not completed at the 80% level will result in student receiving partial credit.


All AR tests taken this year will go towards each students cumulative AR points.  This is the number of AR points earned during their SGS career. These awards will be given at the end of the school year.

** Students may earn more than 1 medal or award during the current school year if the point criteria for each is met.

Students perform better when parents are actively involved in the learning process. By logging onto Renaissance Home Connect*, parents can access real-time information in English or Spanish to stay up to date and keep their children motivated. Students and parents can:

·        See progress toward reading goals
·        Conduct book searches using AR BookFind
·        Review AR Quiz results
·        Sign up to receive email notifications of quiz performance
·        Strengthen vocabulary skills

*Does not allow quizzing in Accelerated Reader from home.