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When it was time to start looking for a school for my incoming Pre-K student, I knew what I wanted for my child's education. This included a rigorous academic program, strong technology, a community culture, and above all, a school that would be Christ-centered. Thankfully, the search did not take long. Since I am also a teacher at St. George, I knew that St. George exhibited everything I was looking for in a school. St. George became my home away from home for my child. Even though I knew what day to day life at St. George was like from a teacher's perspective, I was blown away by my daughter's first day and year at school. Her teachers are leaders in their faith; they are compassionate, kind, dedicated, and professional. Every day, my daughter comes home with tales of her day at school with a smile on her face. I know that my daughter has grown in her faith because of St. George. You can get strong academics anywhere, but what you cannot get anywhere is a school that becomes a family.

Every Friday during the school mass, I look around the church and think about how blessed I am to be a part of this school. Every single day, I see the face of Jesus in my students. Teaching English and literature is my passion, but teaching these subjects is not the singular goal. Teachers at St. George teach the whole child, teach students to become Godly men and women, and teach them to put God first in their lives.

Mrs. Alaina Reed
St. George Parent
6th Grade English and Literature / Middle School Coordinator