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Parent Organizations

Parent organizations play a vibrant role in the life of St. George Catholic School.  Through participation in these organizations, members volunteer countless hours, which help the school, offer a variety of programs and activities while keeping tuition affordable.  You are encouraged to be a part of one or more of our parent organizations.  For more information about St. George parent organizations or obtain information about participating, visit the St. George website or school office.

St. George Catholic School Home and School Association
This association strengthens ties in the community among family, school, and parish members. All families become members of the association with their school registration.  The Home and School Association Board members are nominated and elected by the parents.  The Home and School Association provides homeroom parents for each class and sponsors a variety of activities.  A major project of the association is the annual St. George Catholic School Fund Raiser.  A Home and School Volunteer Sign-Up form can be found on the St. George Website.

St. George Catholic School Athletic Association
This association provides a complete inter-scholastic and intramural program for St. George Catholic School students.  The Athletic Association Board members are nominated and elected by the parents.  The association receives funds through student fees, concession sales, and membership.  It provides funds for equipment, officials, and some coaches.

St. George Parish Men's Club
The Men's Club assists the school and parish in corrective and preventative maintenance by providing volunteer manpower and financial assistance. Membership in the club is open to all men of St. George School and Church Parish.