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COVID Protocols

COVID Protocols for Students

COVID Protocols for Students – Revised 2/7/22

The Diocese has updated the COVID Protocols for students (see below) 

In addition to these protocols, St. George will allow students who show signs of illness to return to school after 24 hours if the signs of illness are improving without the use of medication AND a doctor's note with a return to school date is provided OR a negative COVID test. Please upload a doctor's note or a negative COVID test result HERE prior to sending a student back to school.

*Students who have tested or presumed positive can return to sports, PE, and music after day 10.

Nurse Michelle 
Nurse Meg

The following links should be used to submit student absences and doctor notes: Student Absence Reporting, Doctor Note Submission

The following link can be used to submit vaccination records if desired: Immunization record upload